Jamie (Owner) - Sunstate BRP, Queensland:

"We supply a lot of product to Surf Life Saving Queensland in the way of Canams and Seadoo with sleds.

We also retail Agenda sleds through our dealerships to many customers who have been happy with purchases.

We believe Agenda's Sleds are a better product than what we provide now to SLSQ and would like to see if you can have these approved by SLS Australia, same as SLS New Zealand."


Stephen (Owner) Sunshine Coast Yamaha, Queensland:

"I would just like to pass on a few comments we have had since the Agenda Sleds went on sale at our dealership last year in September.

The general feed back has been very positive, and our customers have been extremely happy with their purchases.

We believe in selling only top quality items in our store and the product is way ahead of the competitors in this respect.

The build quality of the sleds has had a number of people mistaking them for a solid design, and are surprised when we demonstrate that they are in fact inflatables.

We would be happy to recommend them to any person or organisation wanting a professional quality rescue sled."


Leif (Owner) Jet Sport West

"Since 2016, Jet Sport West New Zealand has been working closely with Agenda Surf Co. When we first started testing the rescue sleds, we came from a background of using hard sleds. In our minds, there was no way that the inflatable sled would survive the thrashing we give them on an almost daily basis.  So we set out to break the Agenda when we first got it and treated it like dirt. In our mind, there was just no way that it would be strong enough to hold up to the rough treatment that water safety work involves or be robust enough for tow surfing. The original sample sled that we have is still going strong and is still being used for water safety today. We just can't justify changing to a new one because the sample is still in mint condition!

We’ve been so impressed with the Agenda sled that we’ve stopped using solid sleds and have shifted our fleet over to the inflatables. They’re strong, and easy to transport, which has been a perfect selling point as we’ve recently supplied these sleds to both Surf Life Saving Northern Region and Surf Life Saving New Zealand Taranaki Rescue Squad RWC operations."